Kochi IPL team will be changing their name Indi Commandos

Update! - 7th March, 2011
The Official Poll for Kochi IPl Team Name will be available at the official Website from 10Am - 10 AM (7th March 2011 to 8th March 2011 - 24 Hours)

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Indi Commandos Name ChangeWith its fans giving a big thumbs-down to the Kochi IPL team's new name — Indi Commandos Kerala — the franchise owners now appear keen to change the name.

It's been heard that Kochi IPL Team planning change the name "Indi Commandos".

According to sources, the name will change once they have signed up all the sponsorship, especially the title sponsor.#Rumor


good... with this name, they can never "win the hearts" of people !!!


cool decisn ya..wil tis name kchi wil lose ther standrd in crckt...how about
It wil be a hit blve me..n dont change the hme grnd..in ahbdbad there wnt be any supportrs,frm kerela 4 sure..If u wil,wats the point f 'kochi team'..??