Official Kochi IPL Team name - Kerala Tigers?

Kerala Tigers IPL Logo
The official name of Kochi IPL team seems to be fixed. Because there are two domain names and now pointed (At the time of this post writing) to (Which is the official home page of kochi team for the time being)

NB: The image shown in this post is not the actual official Logo.

Disclaimer: The TIGER in this logo is not designed by me. ©Copyright istockphoto

Characteristics of Tigers
Tigers are the largest cat, with a wide range of sizes, depending on subspecies, anywhere from 300 to 700 pounds. The body is heavily muscled, and the teeth and claws are the biggest of any cat. The tiger has black stripes on a rufous or orange background(related to our jersey color), with some white on belly and face.

Tigers are ambush predators, and have been known to kill even elephants on rare occasions.Tigers are essentially solitary and territorial animals. A tiger may have a territory of 60–100 square kilometers. (That Means a tiger don't co-operate with even other tigers with in his territory).