Kochi Tigers or Kerala Tigers will be the new kochi IPL name:I predict

Kerala Tigers - Kochi Tigers - New Kochi IPL Name
My prediction of new Kochi IPL Team name after the polling.

It will be Kerala Tigers or Kochi Tigers (My Guess)

2nd chance is for Kerala Commandos or Kochi Commandos.

I think there is no chance for other names.

Any way lets wait and see till the results published officially on Facebook tomorrow.

Anyway it's just not a prediction. I have done a study on Available Domains, Domain Age, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter accounts on these possible names.

Kochi Titans
Kochi Commandos
Kochi Tigers
Kochi Tuskers
Kochi Heroes
Kochi United

Kerala Titans
Kerala Commandos
Kerala Tigers
Kerala Tuskers
Kerala Heroes
Kerala United

Thus made my conclusion ;)

And Watch Out for these domains tomorrow


And u know once these sites redirected to the www.kochiteam.com. Now it's not. I have mentioned it earlier post

See the Domain registrant! Even though it's private registration, the agency is same for all domains and they booked these domains on the second Auction day - January 9, 2011.

Anyway wait and see :)Just for fun :)


I am also choose the name KERALA TIGERS