Introducing the Chromebook

Google has announced the launch of Google Chrome browser-based notebooks or Chromebooks in the US and six other European countries from June 15. Chromebooks do not have any inbuilt memory. They rely totally on the web for storage.8-second boot time, the ability for users to customize any Chromebook they use by authenticating it with their Google account and seamless automatic updates.

The Samsung Chromebook features a 12.1" screen, a dual-core Intel processor, HD webcam and sports a battery life of 8.5 hours of continuous usage. It can be connected to the Internet using Wi-Fi and 3G. The Acer Chromebook sports an 11.6" screen, an Intel Atom dual-core processor, HD webcam and 6 hours of battery life.

There was no announcement on their availability in India.

Google I/O 2011: Keynote Day 2