Tata Megapixel

Tata Megapixel is the successor to the Tata Pixel concept car which we saw last year. The Pixel was a big hit, and everyone wanted one. Tata said that the Pixel would come to Europe instead of the Tata Nano europa, but we have no actual dates. the tata Megapixel looks like the Pixel has got one step closer to production. The Nano lines are visible in the Megapixel - but this is clearly a wider car. Will Tata bring the Megapixel to India - say, as a higher priced, cult, cool Nano? We don't know, but we sure are hoping!


I hope Mr Tata you wont make the same mistake of putting engine in the back like you have done in Nano! Please make the car front-engined. Your car will sell this car like ..... hot cake ..soryy ..vada pav!